Do i need a seperate Memory Stick Pro to access a different Playstation Store on PSP

  • Do i need a seperate Memory Stick Pro to access a different Playstation Store on PSP Memor-X

    Black Rock Shooter is out however despite the fact that it's released on US and UK Playstation Network Stores it's not available in Australia, I messaged NISA and they repplied

    I regret to inform you that Black Rock Shooter: The Game is not available as an Australian SKU. This is due to licensing restrictions coming from Japan.

    this means i am now forced to get the game from another store, i know with the PSVita, the memory card you use gets locked to the store you open it with which in my case an Australian one

    For a PSP however, i already have a memory card which i logged into my Australian PSN Account with which is my main card, i'm wondering if i need to use a separate card to access the UK Playstation Network Store cause with the PS3, you can't access 2 accounts on 1 profile, you have to create another profile in order to access another account (which is why i have 3, my main one, one for the UK STore and one for the US Store) and the PSP doesn't have the functionality to create different profiles on it

  • It doesn't matter whether or not you have separate memory cards. It's the PSN account on the PSP that matters.

    While you can install content from your PSN account on up to five PSPs, unlike with the PS3, any given PSP can only be tied to a single PSN account at any given time.

    You can download all the content from both accounts, but you have to switch accounts to be able to access the software downloaded from each region. Only content on the account that is currently active will be available.

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