Why can't I see all my powers in the HUD bar in Mass Effect 1 PC

  • Why can't I see all my powers in the HUD bar in Mass Effect 1 PC Cosmin

    So basically I'm playing as a Vanguard and I unlocked Marksman for the pistols and shotguns along with Unity and some other skills. I didn't quick-slot them at first and now, after unlocking another power, I can't find them in the bottom part of my HUD, where my powers are. I can only find the ones I quick-tabbed already. What do I need to do to see these other powers?

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  • I already know how to add a number to the target ID box so I can point at teammates and buildings to find out exactly how much health they have. But I can't find a way to do it for the Engineer's HUD so I can read the health of buildings without having to point at them. I can find the file that controls the relevant panels but can't find how to access the health value that the regular bar display uses (i.e. tried parameters such as %health% but it doesn't work).

  • In a Squad Deathmatch game, (I don't know if this happens on Squad Rush also) when I join I can view the other players on my "squad" team but I am not in the squad, i.e. I cannot spawn on them or view them as green in the HUD, they show up as blue like regular teammates. But I have played games of this gametype where somehow I was able to get on the squad, so that I could spawn with the squad (and do other squad things like see them in the HUD). I actually have no idea what I did, if anything, to get that to happen. When I go to the squad select menu it displays that I am on the squad

  • I would like to mod/eliminate the Geth 'Hunter mode' HUD, as it makes my eyes bleed. I am somewhat familiar with the Mass Effect 3 file structure, but am unsure as to where the HUD images are stored and how to alter them (if possible).

  • In the game Wizardry Forsaken Land for PS2 I read in PeiPei's Journal about Special Powers and see the option in the item-menu. But if I try it, I get the message: 'You are lacking special powers'. What do I wrong? How can I release special powers?

  • see the all my retrieved equipment inside my inventory. I tried to restart the game a couple of times, completed the mission and started the next one right away to see if it would fix, but I still can use only the blade and the gun (with my powers). I can't seem to find anything around (patches nor articles), can somebody explain what's going on please? Does it relate to my max chaos playstyle.... But still, it's a bit of a bug . UPDATE #2 I forgot to mention: I can't interact with my equipment inside my inventory (can't use items or can't equip them) no matter what I try.

  • I was a big fan of the Rome series, and I just recently started back on the Total War series again, by picking up FoTS with Shogun 2. I'm not interested in the campaign or anything, I just want to fight in quick skirmish matches with online players. Does Shogun 2 not support that? (I don't want to go through the lengthy Avatar setup, and I wasn't interested in the multiplayer campaigns. I'm literally just looking for some quick matches, and I wasn't seeing it from the main screen.) I'm sure quick matches are supported somewhere, but I can't find them! Any help would be appreciated!

  • So I bought AOE2HD on Steam and have been playing a bit with friends. One annoying thing I find is in a large battle I can't see the health of all units in real time so I have a difficult time managing my units. In many other RTS games holding the ALT key shows a healthbar for all units on screen but this doesn't work in AOE2. I've looked through options and Googled but couldn't find anything.

  • I want to remove most of the old save games from The Witcher that I'm constantly generating while playing (quick saves, autosaves, and manual save points) as I know I won't restart playing from these, and they take quite a lot of space* (20+ MB/save). Removing them from the game is nice because I get to see the thumbnail plus location plus save date, but it's a chore with many of them as you have to select and delete them one by one. So my question is: can I safely remove them from Windows Explorer, or will it raise issues later with the game (if there is for instance some sort of index

  • Sometimes my squadmates (especially EDI and James) have their powers greyed out, but usable. I can cast them from the menu just fine, but they're grey instead of the shade of blue they usually are when they're filled out. What does this mean? I assume it has something to do with the power-slowing skills these characters have? Does using these powers cancel Fortification/ect?

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