Is there a way to get DLC for a PSP UMD using the PS3

  • Is there a way to get DLC for a PSP UMD using the PS3 Memor-X

    i found out that the encryption on my router is not supported on PSPs in general (the security is WPA however the encryption itself is not supported), while looking on the next, mostly every answer i see about people trying to get there PSP's to access a router is to either change the encryption (which i can't do), change the security to WEP which is easier hacked or turn off the security

    I know with the PS3 you can download PSP Games and copy them to the PSP apart from 1 game i'm getting, all my PSP Games are in UMD Format, so i'm wondering if there is a way to use the PS3 to download DLC for my PSP

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  • which can be done by connecting the PSP to the PS3 and using the system action function (which I have to use due to the fact that the PSP is not compatible with my wireless encryption) however from what I read a PSP can't be activated for 2 accounts simultaneously. I'm wondering if I can download DLC from the AU PSN Store then switch the activation to the UK PSN Store, download Black Rock...I have Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days in which I can get DLC from the Australian PSN Store. I plan to buy Black Rock Shooter from the UK PSN Store due to the fact that the licences agreement NISA made

  • My main PSP which is the original model however it wont connect to my wireless network cause it seems to be incompatible with the WPA Security on it, I'm planning on getting a PS Vita and from what i heard PSP games are backwards compatible on it so can I download PSP DLC using it (cause obviously the Vita would be compatible with WPA Security) I ask this as I just got Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days and learned there is DLC for it, since I'm playing Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness at the moment I do have time before I want to download all the DLC for Disgaea 2.

  • I have a couple PSP games (Disgaea 2 and Prinny: Can I really Be The Hero?) where I had DLC on my PSP but the DLC is not available on the PSN for Vita. Is there some way I can copy the DLC from the PSP onto the Vita sort of like you can with save files?

  • I got Assassin's Creed 2 Game of the Year Edition for the 360 and the slip inside says it comes with DLC which was the reason why i brought it. when i got Borderlands Game of the Year Edition for the PS3 there was an extra option in the PS3's main menu which took me to the installers for the DLC. The PS3's menu layout hasn't changed very much however the 360's have changed quite a lot, evey time i have never found a separate option to install the DLC. I am wondering, how do i install the DLC for the game of the year edition for the 360 using the latest version of the 360's menu? EDIT: i

  • Possible Duplicate: Does the Vita's backwards compatibility with PSP games extend to PS1 games? Amazon's description of the PS Vita states: Vita can play PSP titles, minis, PS one classics, video and comics from the PlayStation Store However, when I log into my PSN account on my new Vita, go to the store and my download history, for Final Fantasy IX it says: Cannot download using a PS Vita system Is Amazon's description incorrect, or is there some workaround for this?

  • this under the basis that I want all my trophies on my EU Account while having a US Game with DLC For PS3 While not signed in, Run game so that Trophies are installed into system Log into EU PSN... or not, didn't needed to be signed in to play Tales of Graces F DLC) When I want to sync my Trophies again, sign into EU PSN Account and Sync For PSP Same Process but I don't think there's any PSP game... don't have a PS Vita but I assume DLC works for it much like the PS3 and you don't need to be online for it) When I want to sync my Trophies again, sign into EU PSN Account and Sync Now what I asking

  • I sent myself a reminder to get on the Playstation Network and download my free games before the 30 day window expires, but I don't see any way to do it. I went as far as looking up Dead Nation in the store but it is still $14.99. Will there be a big obvious button to press to get these games or am I going to have to keep fishing around the store waiting for a few titles to show up as free.... It also appears in the rotation of ads on the right side. You can use this to get both PS3 and PSP games. You must explicitly redeem the PlayStation Plus for 30 days and the trial starts when you

  • I bought a few games from the PSP store but I'd like to know if they are bound to my account or to my device. In other words: if my PSP is gone for good, will I be able to download my games again on a new PSP?

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