Clear all progress in Diablo: Hellfire

  • Clear all progress in Diablo: Hellfire Xitcod13

    I want to restart the game like I have never played it before. This is because I want the farmer to give me the auric amulet, and I want to play the game over. Even though I deleted all my characters and saves, I still see the cow instead of farmer when I start the game over at normal difficulty.

    On top of that Ogden greets me with: "Thank goodness you've returned!" which just frustrates me and makes me want to feed him to the little demons that stole his sign.

    Is there any way I can easily delete a file that stores the information about my progress in-game? If not, could I manipulate it with Cheat Engine somehow? Hopefully that wont be necessary

    Im not playing online so the file must be stored somewhere on the computer. So far none of the suggestions below worked.

  • Have a look in your installation folder of rhe game for something like savegames or have a look in your %appdata folder, there might be a diablo folder.... just delet it

    Otherwise unnstall the game, let CCleaner run twice (most efficient cleaning tool imo), use the win-search-engine and check for stayed files, delete them too, and reinstall it in another place.

  • From a response here

    As of (the latest) patch 1.09 for the original Diablo game the save game files are now located in the install directory. The naming format is:,, etc for multi-player and,, etc for single player.

    Deleting those files should set you back to the beginning. Since you said that you had already deleted the install folder and your characters were still there, I'm guessing maybe you hadn't patched your installation. Try upgrading to 1.09 (or whatever the latest patch is now) and then see if the save files show up there.

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