How do I recruit Indian and Cavalry units to command during land combat?

Young Guilo
  • How do I recruit Indian and Cavalry units to command during land combat? Young Guilo

    The game says that I can control cavalry and Indian units when raiding a city. I have tried attacking a city but I only see musketeers and captains. I have tried recruiting defeated Indians from ship battles but that doesn't work.

  • You can't; it's a feature that was dropped from the game after the manual was printed but before the game was finalised.

    Q: The manual mentions I can get Indian units to fight on my side?

    A: So it does, but it's wrong. The best you can do is to go to a nearby Indian village and convince them to attack the city before you do. They will send out war canoes to do it; just stick close, intercept any ships trying to sink them, then let them enter the port before you do. They'll thin out the garrison and if they are successful, the population as well, without touching the city's wealth. That's where you follow up with an attack against the weakened city.

    You cannot actually get to command Indian units in battle, though. That's for the AI only.

    Ditto cavalry. It was an intended feature that was dropped.

    (Quote source: Sid Meier's Pirates!: FAQ/Strategy Guide by Sashanan)

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