Finding 'The Five Tenets' Dark Brotherhood book?

  • Finding 'The Five Tenets' Dark Brotherhood book? Selonianth

    I'm trying to find interesting books to put in my bookshelves so they're not all... empty and stuff. I saw a reference to a book named The Five Tenets, a Dark Brotherhood book. I looked at the wiki for any locations of it, and it's only found in the two sanctuaries. I can't seem to find it in the Dark Brotherhood sanctuary though and I don't want to put everything on it being in the Dawnstar Sanctuary without knowing for sure that it will be there.

  • The Five Tenets can be found in one of these locations:

    • Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary
    • Fort Farragut(Only in the Dawnguard DLC),
    • Dawnstar Sanctuary

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