How can I change which player uses each non-gamepad controller?

Prinny Brocka
  • How can I change which player uses each non-gamepad controller? Prinny Brocka

    I'm playing SNES games on the Wii U virtual console and I've noticed an annoying quirk: the gamepad can be mapped to player 1 or 2, but the first Wiimote/Classic Controller pro I activate will ALWAYS be treated as player 1. This means that if I want to use the gamepad as player 1, I will need to leave TWO wiimotes on just to get one paired as "controller 2", since the gamepad doesn't count for ordering.

    Is there a way to force a single wiimote/classic controller pro to act as "controller 2" or otherwise change which controller maps to which player so I can play 2 player games using only two controllers instead of three? I can change which player uses the gamepad, but what if I want to use the gamepad for player 1 anyway?

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