Can I use Battle.Net balance to purchase items from the US/North America RMAH if I'm in the UK?

  • Can I use Battle.Net balance to purchase items from the US/North America RMAH if I'm in the UK? atc

    When I installed Diablo 3 from the website, I didn't know it would default my region to the US. This means that I cannot use the RMAH in North America (where my level 60 Monk is that I want to continue playing) to pay for items in real-world currency. You can only do so within the region that you reside (i.e. EU for myself).

    My question: am I able to purchase items on the North America/US RMAH using balance if I'm in the UK?

    As far as I can see, the FAQ doesn't answer this.


    The attached question marking this one as a duplicate doesn't answer it directly, and its title isn't helpful hence why I didn't find it previously.

    Regardless, once enabling balance by adding an authenticator to my account, I cannot use the US-region RMAH in-game.

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