How can I deal with repeat teamkillers in BFBC2 Hardcore mode on PS3?

  • How can I deal with repeat teamkillers in BFBC2 Hardcore mode on PS3? Joe

    I've experienced that killing people in the own team becomes more and more common. Sometimes it's because they want to have the vehicle you're taking, sometimes I guess just for fun (I've even seen someone named "Teamkiller...") or as a revenge for being (possibly unintentionally) team-killed.

    This is no fun at all and can turn the whole game around.

    Losing a few points and having team kills in your record doesn't seem to scare many people off. For example, experienced players can easily compensate for -100 points for shooting a team mate before entering a helicopter, by then taking that helicopter and destroying tanks.

    How can I remove teamkillers that are ruining a game from Battlefield Bad Company 2 Hardcore games? How can I keep them from coming back?

  • This might be harsh but you can get TK'ers PSN accounts blocked

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