How do I set up a dedicated server in Counter Strike Global Offensive?

  • How do I set up a dedicated server in Counter Strike Global Offensive? user49785

    I have downloaded Counter Strike Global Offensive, but I don't know how to set up a server so that I can play with my friends who are in same network through a wifi router. In CS 1.6 there is a hlds file which I launch and then it successfully set up the server, but I cant find the hlds file in CS-GO.

    So does anyone know how to set up a server? I don't know whether it should be called dedicated server or anything else, I don't want to play online, I just want to play games with my friends who are in the same room with me.

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  • I am on a wireless network trying to play CS go with my friends. They all are in the same room with me. How can I create a server so I can play with my friends? In CS 1.6 we launch a hlds file which is in the cs 1.6 directory. We create a server through launching this hlds file. But in Counter Strike: Global Offensive I can't find hlds file, so now I don't know how to setup or create a server.

  • have recently purchased the game and have a valid key. I am asking this to know if my other friends who don't yet have the game can play on our own non-dedicated servers over internet. I am not able...First of all, I have little knowledge about hosting a dedicated public game server so I may be using some wrong terms in this question. Please correct me if you find something. I know that we can... by clicking on "Start a server" be visible by other users when they go to "Join a server"? If not, I guess users who know my IP, port can join my server by going to COD terminal and typing connect IP

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