Is it possible for me to tame a creeper on minecraft PE?

Dark Stevie
  • Is it possible for me to tame a creeper on minecraft PE? Dark Stevie

    I was watching a video on YouTube where this one guy tamed a creeper. Is it possible to tame a creeper on the PE and if so how?

  • You cannot tame hostile mobs with an unmodded version of minecraft regardless of what platform your play it on.

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    First when I started playing Minecraft PE I turned on peaceful mode, but then I got tired of it and decided to switch on hard. However since it is Pocket Edition there are only 2 options: peaceful and hard. When I just started hard I saw a creeper and freaked out even though I was in my house. I hate creepers which can kill me without me knowing it as they can explode from a distance. Is there a way to avoid being killed by mobs in hard difficulty?

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  • I'm running a private Feed-the-Beast MindCrack server for Minecraft 1.4.6. I'm about to open the server to a friend who is inexperienced with Minecraft and I'm concerned about creeper damage. Is there a server-side mod compatible with with Minecraft 1.4.6 & the MindCrack modpack which is able to nerf creeper explosions such that they do not break blocks? Bukkit is not an option as it is not compatible with this modpack.

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