Does Re-Tail force you to leave at closing time?

Hyper Anthony
  • Does Re-Tail force you to leave at closing time? Hyper Anthony

    In previous entries to the Animal Crossing series, the main shop in the village (some variation of Tom Nook's shop) responded to closing time. The music would change very near to closing time (~5 minutes to close) and Nook would eventually ask you to leave.

    Does anything like this happen in Re-Tail in Animal Crossing: New Leaf?

  • My village's "Re-Tail" closes at 11pm, so I went to visit tonight near closing time. Aside from another villager being present at closing time, nothing out of the ordinary happened. I continued waiting for a few minutes...

    enter image description here

    ...and was not asked to leave. So if you have any business to conduct at Re-Tail, so long as you get in the door before closing time, you'll have plenty of time to take care of things. If the developers created any special events for when Re-Tail closes at night, it is not obvious or within the same time interval as previous AC games.

    As a point of note, the lights were out and the shop was closed upon my exit.

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