Tekkit crashes over and over again

Ruud Kessels
  • Tekkit crashes over and over again Ruud Kessels

    I want to launch Tekkit on my iMac but it ends with a white screen. I tried this solution but that did not work out for me.

    Perhaps because I am doing something wrong? I use Java 7 update 21. Maybe that is the problem? It works on my Macbook by the way.

  • Here are the things to try (I have a Mac, which I barely use, but when I had a mate over, this happened):

    • Try using different builds of the tekkit. This can be done by clicking the "cog" or settings symbol underneath the mod pack
    • Try using java 6 instead of java 7. Also try uninstalling java7.
    • Ensure that your mac is able to actually run the game. If it is an old mac, it is likely unable to run tekkit due to the amount of mods
    • Buy a PC. Cheaper and less issues.

    Have fun

  • Go to %appdata% and go to .technic and delete it. That's for windows and mac.

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