In Die2Nite, how do you mix pharmaceutical products?

  • In Die2Nite, how do you mix pharmaceutical products? Sterno

    I've read on some wikis that if you mix two pharmaceutical products, you can create a random drug. But I can't figure out how to mix them. When I'm in my house I see the option to "Use" the Pharmaceutical product, but that shows up even if I only have one, and I believe all that will do is make me take it.

  • You can't take pharmaceutical products, only mix them. If you have two, click Use to combine the two pharmaceutical products. If you try it with one, nothing will happen.

  • Yes, you must have two Pharms. Also remember that when you mix the Pharms, you don't always get a random drug, and that if you have the Labratory then it improves your chances of a getting a better drug.

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