How do I customize runes per champ or for general purpose?

  • How do I customize runes per champ or for general purpose? user47129

    There has been something that has bothered me since i learned about runes. Let's say I buy runes that were recommended in a guide for Annie or Ahri. What if I choose to play say Teemo or another champion? I mean I'd be using runes intended for a mage, but I'd be playing a non-mage.

    So how do I customize runes per champ or for general purpose? Also, I'm aware of this question, but I don't think it answers my question completely.

  • You can buy a single rune page for 500 RP (Riot Points) or 6300 IP (Influence Points). The other option is 7 Rune Page bundle for 2600 RP. Riot some times runs special where you one rune page is buy one get one free.

    I have 5 pages setup:

    AP/Mana Regen (usually for mid consisting of AP, mana regen and magic pen) Dmg (usually for ADCs Consisting of Attack damage and Attack Speed) Noc ( For jungle Noc he is kinda unique on what he wants Armor Pen and attack speed ) Mundo (Really my Bruiser/Tank Rune set Armor , Health and Magic Pen) Support ( For support mostly GP Qunits/ Mana Regen and Health)

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