Can't buy Hjerim in Windhelm

Brittany henriquez
  • Can't buy Hjerim in Windhelm Brittany henriquez

    For the house in wind helm you have to complete the quest blood on the ice, but there's a glitch in my game and it won't let me start the quest. The graveyard is empty at night , no dead body. Really far back in the game I had killed nilsine and tova killed herself but when I went to the house of shattershield her body wasn't there, only her note. So I can't get the key to hjerim from her or the steward so is there another place I could get the key?

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  • the house, but on the second playthrough, this questline is utterly broken, and I dont know why. Quest triggered normally (walked into the graveyard at night), and I was able to persue it until the point where I had to investigate Hjerim. I talked to Tova Shatter-Shield, got the key and entered Hjerim. Inside I found the usual mess. Bones, blood, etc. The Quest updates to "find the clues... someone can help me. Hjerim is the one house in the game with the most storage place, and I really wanna have it (working).

  • It appears I have missed the graveyard scene for the quest and nothing I do will trigger it. Hjerim's door requires a key and talking to the guards and people do nothing. Talking to Jorleif about buying the house only makes him say that there's a mess. creating new question as these other questions are similar, but don't share my exact symptoms. Also, it looks like some of them have started them and broken them (because its so full of bugs)

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  • Possible Duplicate: How can I start the Blood on the Ice quest? This answer indicates that if the steward in Windhelm won't sell me the house or give me the quest to find the murderer, then I can start it by finding a body in the graveyard and talking to the guard. I've visited the graveyard at night, but I can't find the body or the guard. What should I do? Or is that answer incorrect?

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  • I am unable to complete striking the heart quest. I don't suffer from the same bug where the enemy is already killed. I was able to kill the silver hand leader. My quest log tells me to talk to Aela. When I speak to her, I get no options to complete the quest. What are my options? I received this quest a while ago, went off and did other quests and then came back so loading up an old save isn't much of an option for me. EDIT: I had the xbox 360 tag on since that is where I am playing. That was removed and I am not sure why. I felt this was important so that answers did not include doing

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