Can you play a map on Multiplayer?

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  • any overlap, there was a single patch of Iron. When you add in that a resource can be depleted, this makes the ability to play out the map fairly unpredictable (since you can't see resources for techs you don't have). Is there some way to edit the map generator's strategic resource frequency? Or a mod or patch or something that does this? I'd like them to appear more often without having to use a custom map to do it.

  • Civilization 5's multiplayer does not support any form of modding aside from changing the .lua scripts associated with existing multiplayer map options. They consider pre-generated maps 'modding' in this case. The fact that custom maps are not allowed in multiplayer does not make any sense to me because it does not modify the game in any way, shape, or form. It simply means loading a pre-generated map instead of generating a random one. There has to be a way to load a custom map for a multiplayer game. It just seems too simple to not be possible. I understand that it is possible to play

  • I have a friend who wants to work on a SC2 custom map, and I figured I'd help him out since I loved playing around with the old Warcraft editor. Blizzard's take on starter edition users using the map maker seems to be "do it, just don't expect an easy test button or publishing." However I can't seem to find any other way to test custom maps. Is there a way to do it?

  • When I chose "Online" in Broforce, I can not chose any game mode or levels. However, in the main menu, I can chose in between several game modes (Campaign, Rally, Deathmatch) and custom levels. I can play these levels offline (even with more than one player at one PC). Is there any way to play them online?

  • In Rise of Nations is there a unique unit that can assassinate the generals or leaders? The reason being I wanted to create a custom JFK assassination map. The point would be to strategically place men in order to prevent the assassination. Any ideas?

  • Any time we try to do a custom map on Tidalis, we get out of sync errors after a short time. Are there settings we can set, or something else we can do, to alleviate this? I'd really like to play some custom maps. Perhaps networking settings? We're both on Windows 7 64-bit and adventure mode seems to work fine. The game is and

  • to play it with my friends now. I can clearly remember the game but don't know the name. Please help me and giving the download link would be very much better, thank you very much. :) UPDATE: I have...I played this map like 4 - 5 years ago. I want to play it again with my friends but don't know the name. I'll just describe the game play here, please help. At first you will pick which character you want, either medic, programmer, builder, ranger, flamethrower, etc. This map is about zombies. There's a virus infecting the civilians, turning them into zombies. The goal is to survive. As I

  • For example, my friend, x has a awesome server map. I want to play it offline on my computer, but I can't seem to find any way to get the save files and then play it offline. So, is there any way for me to get access to the server's save files and then playing it offline? EDIT it's online, in a remote place in which i have no access to and i can only access the server thru minecraft

  • I know that in Rift's main website they have a link which displays options for purchasing credits, patron, and a few other features. Inside of the game however the Rift store displays a greater amount of different items that you can purchase such as mounts, extra bag slots, extra crafting profession slots, etc. Is there any way other than being inside of the game to view the store and see what the prices for things like what I mentioned above are?

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