Do I get less scrap if I "soften up" an enemy ship before I board and finish off the crew?

  • Do I get less scrap if I "soften up" an enemy ship before I board and finish off the crew? Kyralessa

    Sometimes, to make boarding a ship easier, I'll send off a volley or two of burst lasers to knock out the medical bay or injure the crew before I teleport over to fight them.

    When I do this, of course, it causes several points of damage to the enemy ship's hull.

    Does it make any difference in the amount of scrap I receive at the end of the fight whether I weaken the enemy ship in this way, or capture it by teleport without firing a shot?

    (My impression is that it doesn't, but I'm looking for something more solid than a hunch.)

  • According to the Developer, it does not.

    Update: It was a comment made by the Developer on the now-defunct Penny Arcade Report website back in the day. Apologies for not linking to the source originally.

  • According to this wiki page (and to this Arqade page, where a rather similar question is answered), the default reward system does not take the "health" of the enemy ship into account when the ship survives. It is only a matter of probability between the possible rewards triggered by the "killing the crew" victory.

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