Clash Of Heroes (iPhone): Completing Irollan

Max Williams
  • Clash Of Heroes (iPhone): Completing Irollan Max Williams

    I've finished the main campaign in Clash of Heroes (iPhone version) and am now tidying up the side quests. On the Irollan world map there was a stat saying "8/12"

    I did everything i could find in Irollan (puzzles and bounty fights), and when i went back to the bounty hunter to get the last reward i got a popup saying "All side quests completed" or words to that effect.

    But, when i go back to the world map, Irollan has the completion stat saying "11/12". So, my question is - what else do i need to do to get up to 12/12? Is there anything besides side quests that gets this stat up?

    cheers, max

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