Friends do not get requests

Siobhan O'connor
  • Friends do not get requests Siobhan O'connor

    I am stuck on level 35. I need 3 friends to unlock the level, but I have tried sending the request and none have received my request. How do I unlock the level?

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    I'm stuck on level 20 in Candy Crush, so I want to ask my friends for these "three tickets". What does it require my friends to do? Do they have to be at a higher level than me? Do they have to complete a level? Will I be bothering them? What will facebook say to them?

  • The latest update has added the ability to dock with a starport in Zelada, however, I can't seem to work out how exactly I'm supposed to dock. Approaching the station results in a warning that I do not have permission to land and I'm seeing no option in the controls that will allow me to communicate with the station to request permission to dock. How do I request permission to dock my ship aboard the Corolis Starport in Zelada?

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