What is the quickest way to clear an area of tall grass?

  • What is the quickest way to clear an area of tall grass? KrymeX

    On Minecraft, XBox 360 Edition, I have a 40x40 block area that I plan to build in, except for one small problem; almost all of it is covered in tall grass. What's the quickest way to clear all of this tall grass? NOTE: I would like the actual grass blocks to stay intact

  • Pour a bucket of water down. It will knock the tall grass/flowers/etc off the block.

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  • In Minecraft, biomes are (supposedly) decided by an area's calculated temperature and moisture. A very "dry" area may be a desert, a "cold" area may be a tundra, etc. This also affects things like grass color. In my experience, forests tend to have darker grass than plains. If I, for example, plant a lot of trees in a plain, will it be handled as a forest and make the grass darker? (There's a specific area of my map that would be great for building a base, but the grass annoys me.)

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    The grass in the game constantly flickers whenever I walk. When I stand still, it looks as though I can't even see the grass, but the moment I start moving, what I assume is the grass starts rapidly blinking on and off. Is there some way I can stop this?

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  • Well, what I tried to do was completely cleanse a Corruption area. I assumed it's all about the grass, since that seems to be how the Corruption spreads, and other biomes (such as the Underground Jungle) work like that. So, I bought a few stacks of Purification Powder and Sunflowers, and purified every bit of Corrupted grass I could find. It didn't completely work, however. Slimes/Zombies now... Shadow Orb; I doubled checked using the World Viewer.)

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    Now that grass cannot be hoed for seeds and instead we must use tall grass: Added tall grass in some biomes, Seeds are now found in tall grass, using a hoe on the ground no longer works What are these 'some biomes'? And will said grass grow in existing biomes?

  • Crusher with redstone...but I am not sure if it will work the way I want it to. The design is relatively simple: A single two-meter tall eight-meter long empty space. On one side, a solid stone... them drop down into the empty area in the middle. After loading up as much gravel as I can, I simply walk to the bottom and activate the lever to crush the first row of gravel, then repeat over and over until all the gravel is crushed, resulting in a mess of leftover gravel and, most importantly, flint. I have yet to build this, because I'm not sure if such a construction would actually work

  • Chickens Sheep Scorpions Ghosts There's strange 1 block-deep pools of water and a lot of small lava flows. Underneath th grass and water pools is bedrock. I'm loving this place, but sadly - I got lost. Whilst I'm running around voraciously mining and trying to find my way home, I'd like to know where I am! So the question is: What is this place and what mod generated it? Is this a common area...I'm playing Technic single player, v7.0.1. I've not played it very much, hence my confusion... what is all this? click to enlarge As you can see, I'm at level 2 - ie, bedrock level. However, I

  • Enemies often drop equipped weapons, shields and torches when they die, which often results in the player having to search a large area full of tall grass or the items falling through the floor and disappearing forever. Is there a way to disable this behavior and make the corpses hold onto the mementos of their life for my looting convenience?

  • When selecting a group of units (marines/marauders/medivacs) I'm looking for a quick way to load them. Right-clicking each medivac in turn works, but when multiple medivacs are used they tend to converge on the right clicked one. This makes if difficult to right click the subsequent ones if they all try to stack. It takes time waiting for them to move away from the previous loaded one before I can start to load the others. This is the quickest way to load but still painfully slow. Ideally what I'm looking for is to select lots of varying units and using a keyboard shortcut to load the land

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