Recover save after save was overwritten on a game boy cartridge

  • Recover save after save was overwritten on a game boy cartridge Jorge


    I recently found my Pokémon gold cartridge, which I had from a very long time ago and I was surprised that it was still working after at least 7 years. I could play and save almost normally; the only exception was that I had to set the clock every time. After a week or so, it just stopped saving, and I stopped playing it. Some time after that my seven-year-old nephew saw my Gameboy with the game attached and overwrote my old save ( the horror!), saving a new file. (Honestly I do not know how, because it could not save anymore.) Now I've lost my old save and can't continue a new one.


    Can I somehow recover the save?, Maybe not the conventional way, but I mean data is data, right? The same way you can recover info from a computer if deleted. Is there something I can do to recover that "data"? Childhood memories are on the line!

    FYI - I tagged this Gameboy Advance because there was not a Gameboy Color tag; and because I used to play on a Gameboy Advance.

  • Unfortunately, when your nephew created a new save file a significant portion of the data will have been overwritten, so complete recovery is impossible and even partial recovery is completely unfeasible. The cartridge only has a limited amount of memory to write on. In order to make room for your nephews save, it had to make new space by writing over place where your data was. Since the kind of sophisticated programs used for hard drive recovery are not available for gba cartridges, you are out of luck.

    The difference between recovering data from a computer and a cartridge is a combination of the lack of programs and access to the cartridge, and the fact that the creation of a new file overwrites a significant amount of data. Its not like a computer where the data is still there but not easy for the computer to find

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