How can I optimize the performance of the TF2 Linux client on an old / low-spec machine?

  • How can I optimize the performance of the TF2 Linux client on an old / low-spec machine? hunter2

    I've been trying to get the TF2 client to run on my machine. It starts and runs, but so slowly that even navigating the menus is pretty painful. I've searched around a bit and tried some of the launch/config options, but nothing seems to help much.

    The machine I'm using is not exactly a gaming rig, but I think it should be enough (to run at sorta-playable speed, with ultra-low settings). I have heard that the official requirements (which I meet) are pretty out-of-date, but I also thought I saw a couple people with similar specs say they got it going under Windows.
    (I'll try to source that later, although the comparison may be less-than-useful - OpenGL version vs. a DirectX version)

    So, are there any particular settings I should try? Most of the guides I've seen are several years old (and, of course, for Windows).

    Core 2 Duo
    2GB RAM
    Intel graphics (965...)

    Yeah, I know, integrated - but I think others run on similar specs (don't have a link for that handy), and you'd be surprised at some of the things it can handle.

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    Answers I'd find useful, whether or not they're what I want to hear:

    • Anything useful specifc to my case (duh)
    • real/realistic min specs for TF2
    • explanation of settings (like the "dxlevel" setting - does it do anything in the Linux client, seeing as Linux doesn't have DX?)
    • specifc requirements (eg, "TF2, even with low settings, requires OGL ARB_blahblah extension, or its DX equivalent - which most integrated cards don't support in hardware")
    • (etc, probably some other stuff)

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