How to make a joystick axis completely undetectable in Windows 7?

  • How to make a joystick axis completely undetectable in Windows 7? CrazyEnzo03

    I have an old Saitek ST290 Pro USB joystick and I only have one problem: some games such as Jane's F-15 or F/A-18, will detect the stick's terrible, godawful throttle control, which is built into the controller, placed underneath my arm, and then, in a display of some developers' infinite genius, require me to use it without giving me any option to disable it, often going as far as to disable in-game throttle on other controllers such as my keyboard.

    For those wondering, this is the joystick, the paddle/lever on the back is the throttle:

    Saitek ST290 Pro

    All I need is for this throttle control to be completely undetected by Windows 7 or my games, as if it does not exist. I would especially appreciate something I could apply to "any" controller or joystick though I'll take a solution specific to my Joystick if I must.

    Suggestions I have tried which I can remember off of the top of my head:

    • Generic Joystick Driver: I can't seem to find any for Windows 7 that aren't viruses/malware. I do have my computer set up to load unsigned drivers, such as XBCD.

    • PPJoy: doesn't detect my joystick, and it's not parallel port anyway

    • Use Joy2Key to map throttle to certain keypresses: Works only for a few games. Usual result is the throttle axis does absolutely nothing while the controls that are normally mapped to the throttle are completely disabled (in Jane's F-15 I'll have no throttle control whatsoever).

    • Saitek's Joystick Profiler: no way of disabling an axis and all ways I have tried to manipulate the throttle axis (I can't remember the specifics) have had detrimental or no effect.

    • Open the joystick and cut the cord to the throttle: throttle is detected but obviously does nothing because the wires to it are cut...

    • Rewire the throttle to something like a thumb-dial or slider that is more accessible/practical to use: my electronics expertise peaked at putting the cords back together after doing the above.

    • Buy a better joystick: no, I don't have that kind of money, I can't buy online anyway, and all joysticks I can find in local stores exhibit this exact same kind of throttle (under the arm) and so would lead me to this exact same problem.

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