How to scale the bosses level to mine

  • How to scale the bosses level to mine Mason

    I'm a level 36, and I often farm for legendary weapons. The problem is, for example, when I did the clan wars mission (killing hodunks or zafords) the final battle I killed the hodunks. I was around level 20 then. Now when I farm for the legendary weapon he drops, he still is level 20 and drops the level 20 legendary weapon. My question is; how do I get the some of the bosses (tector, hunter hellquist, scorch, ect.) to scale to my level so I can get my level legendaries? (don't know if this matters but I have beat the game and killed the warrior many times).

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  • that farming bosses to get the legendary you want is the way to go, but the one thing I can't seem to find out is: Do any of the mini-bosses (and therefore, their loot drop) scale with your level? Note: In Borderlands 1, I could revisit say Jakob's Cove after completing it and the enemies (and bosses) had re-scaled to my new level. Note 2: I'm not talking about scaling when you start a second play..., level 25 (I know, I don't get a lot of time to play games in general, let alone a game where I need to complete an area to avoid going through it again) When I first fought 'Boom Bewm' (the twin midgets

  • I've read that it scales on the lowest stat but that explains very little. So if my stats are 17 20 20 25 30 25 20 16 52 and it will scale on the 16. how much of a bonus to the weapon am I getting from the mundane infusion.

  • I play Borderlands 2, and I dont have a legendary weapon. I heard Knuckledragger drops one, but I keep farming him on level 1, and he just drops a cheap Hornet. How do I get him to drop a Hornet of my level? I'm at level 32.I already unlocked True Vault Hunter mode, but I was wondering if I need to farm on that mode? How do I get him to respawn? How do I get other enemies to respawn? Also, I was wondering about raid bosses. Where do I find them? Thanks guys

  • Possible Duplicate: How can I level up more quickly? There are many questions here on Arqade about farming xp to get ready for inferno difficulty; this question is not my intent. I am...% xp gem in my helm(I know this could be higher, but this will just scale and should not effect the answer). My current reasons for playing Act 3: High number of elite packs (for early 75% xp gain) - usually around 25-30 per run High Density of normal mobs Highest possible item level drops I am not that interested in farming loot for this question, I am simply talking about xp. I

  • I was wondering, as I'd really want to get my hands on the Plan for the "Cosmic Strand" legendray item, is there any particular location/bosses where one can found the plan for a particular legendary item? Or are all the plan dropped anywhere at random?

  • I have been playing borderlands 2. But it seems like the places I visit locks the enemy levels at the level I am at when I come there. I can't farm the infinity gun because Doc mercy is lvl 8 when I get to him, which I think that my level was 7-8 when I first saw him. Also The Warrior is lvl 31 instead of scaling mine from 38-40. And All the bosses I have met before, is underleveled compared to me. Is there any way I can fix this? Is it maybe because I went to UVHM? Since I changed back to normal mode after realizing I had to start all over again.

  • I began playing with my character till about level 17. I then went to play in a friends world until I got to level 31. When I went back to single player, I found all the enemies are level 17. This wouldn't be a problem but when I farm for legendary weapons the bosses drop lvl 17 versions of the weapons. How do I scale the enemies to my level?

  • interesting. After completing the The Scale-Lord quest I was able to strike the amber that held Korven the prime and release him from his slumber. When he awoke I decided that I didn't want to get tangled up doing loads of quests that I had done before, so I didn't click on him to begin any of the quests that he offers, and instead left the underground dwelling of the scale lord to make my way elsewhere... and delight, Korven took part in the battle, though he didn't seem to be doing much damage. Anyway, my question is this: How can I keep Korven the prime as my pet? I imagine that he will continue to follow me

  • Ive finished TVHM in Borderlands 2 but then later on, I heard That you have a very high chance to get one of the legendaries that the Warrior drops when killing him when having the final main mission on, allowing me to farm him with a higher chance of finding a legendary. So I was wondering if it is possible to find that mission in UVHM to get the high legendary percentage or was TVHM my last chance to farm that way without starting a new character?

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