Mouse sensitivity too high in most games

  • Mouse sensitivity too high in most games mo.

    It seems like in pretty much every game (examples are Skyrim, Deus Ex HR, Borderlands 2, CoD: Black Ops, PlanetSide 2, Far Cry 3), I have to reduce the mouse sensitivity slider to zero or almost zero, and rarely, even that's still too sensitive.

    I use a logitech G700 mouse, on the medium ( 3 out of 5) hardware sensitivity setting. This setting works fine in windows (and games where I'm just moving a cursor around, like Civilization V). I could make a point to always lower the hardware sensitivity when I start a game, but I feel like that's a hack and there should be a better solution. I don't have all that extra software for the mouse installed. I just let windows auto detect and install a driver for it.

    In Windows, I use the fourth-lowest sensitivity, and have "Enhance Pointer Precision" unchecked.

    My video card is an nVidia 560 Ti.

    It wasn't like this before, but I'm not sure if it began when I got this mouse, when I moved from Win XP to Win 7, or when I got this video card (or maybe it's even been doing it for my last two video cards - the previous one being a Radeon HD 5770).

    Is there something I can do so I can use reasonable settings in games?

  • If you install the Logitech Gaming Software drivers, you can have it automatically change the dpi and sensitivity based on which game you're launching. That may be the most elegant solution.

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