Are there certain items that you should always sell?

  • Are there certain items that you should always sell? Stephan

    I see that some items "have on research benefit and can be sold freely"
    If i sell these will I regret it later or can I sell them without worrying?

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  • You can mark items as 'locked' in your inventory, which means they cannot be given to your hero, dropped, or sold to the bank as a singular item, through disabling those respective buttons. The 'Sell All' button, however, remains enabled. If I press this button, will it just sell the unlocked items, or will the locked items be sold as well?

  • The first time I was able to sell collected items in Rage, I unloaded what I thought was junk to the vendor. As it turns out, one of the items is considered an ingredient to be used to craft something. Is there a comprehensive list of items that are safe to sell, or vice-versa, things that I should hold onto? I'm not sure at this point which of these lists would be shorter. Some of the descriptions on items do make it obvious to sell, while others aren't exact. Items I've found safe to sell so far: Books Cans of Food Rusty Toolbox Items I had sold, but turns out are Ingredients: Cloth

  • In Dragon Age 2, can I sell all items labeled "Junk" without having to fear I would need any of this later? (for quests/crafting/etc) Vials of Darkspawn Blood for example were a quest item in Dragon Age: Origins, I think, and are labeled junk in DA2.

  • I noticed that except normal items the NPCs also sell items of blue-named rarity as well. Is there a chance an NPC will sell items of higher rarity then blue-named? If so what is the highest possible rarity of an item you can find in the shop?

  • Pharros lockstones allow you to open certain areas and manipulate certain contraptions in the game. Merchants sell a limited amount of these items yet they are integral in progressing through the storyline. There are far more Pharros Contraptions than there are lockstones and using them will destroy them. How can I acquire more lockstones if I have already bought the ones the merchants sell and used them?

  • In Far Cry 3, when looking at items in your loot rucksack, each item has a 'Recommended Use.' Some say to craft certain things with them, but others simply say 'Sell.' I was wondering if there is any reason (needed for a quest/achievement/trophy/crafting later) to hold on to any of the items that they recommend to sell or if I might as well sell them all. I'd hate to take up room in my rucksack for things that I should just sell anyway, but I'd also hate to sell my Batteries just to find a quest to bring someone 10 batteries later.

  • If you buy say custom cars and planes can you ever sell them? I have tried to sell them at customs shops but if they're over $50,000 you cant sell them there.

  • In EVE online there is a role called 'Trader' - which allows you to buy and sell items on behalf of your corporation. I have this role on my character, but whenever I try and sell an item from a corporate hangar at one of our offices, I only have the option to sell the item on behalf of myself. Have I misunderstood the purpose of this option? Ideally I'd like to be able to list items on the market, but then once these items have sold I'd like the payment to be provided straight to the corporation wallet, rather than to my character. Is this possible within EVE online? How can I sell

  • In SWTOR you can put various modifications into various items that you wear/use -- and you can remove these and put new ones in, at a charge. Is it worth it to remove them and sell them, if you're not planning on reusing the items (obviously if you intend t reuse them, it makes sense)? Or will the cost to remove them always be greater than the amount earned by selling them?

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