Weapon types in Centipede?

Young Guilo
  • Weapon types in Centipede? Young Guilo

    What are the names of the array of weapons you can have in the game Centipede (1998 PC version)? What are the effects they can do? I don't just want to know all of the blaster abilities. I also want to know the Destroyer abilities (bombs,rockets). If people could leave their answer in a bulleted or numbered fashion that would help me the most.

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  • In the 1998 PC version of Centipede how many levels of shields can you have? What defines when one of those shields are destroyed?

  • So, I got to mission 5, I beat the Centipede and the Joker, but I can't figure out the thing with the floors. I don't know what to do. Can you explain to me how I can complete this mission? I've been trying for 2 hours.

  • Do you get bonus points for unused items such as weapons and shields in 1998 PC version of Centipede? The reason I ask is because I'm trying to beat my old hi-scores on maps. If you do get bonus points for unused items then how many points do you get for each of the items? The only thing I know is that you don't get bonus points for unused shields. Any ideas? Links to back your answers would be beneficial.

  • Do you lose points for killing wee people in the 1998 PC version of Centipede? If so how many points do you lose?

  • I play a lot of ToME 4, and it's awesome. But there's something I've not managed to figure out. When your character is under the influence of an effect (e.g. 'confused'), you can see that clearly as an icon in the status panel, and when hovering the mouse you get a detailed description of what the effect is doing. If you look at an enemy, similarly you get a nice popup summary detailing that enemy's stats, resistances, and the abilities/effects currently in place on that enemy (e.g. 'Frenzy, Carbon Spikes'). I'd often like to know more about exactly how unpleasant these abilities are going

  • Do the scores stack when two people are playing in the 1998 PC version of Centipede? I'm not sure because when my brother and I played we would receive different exp with saving wee people. So if the exp does stack do you also get the free life every 20 thousand points as well?

  • I noticed that the AI for the medic, Bertha, will ocassionally use the first aid spray on the player character if he/she is injured. I've noticed that no other AI character types does the same, even though healing teammates with the first aid spray can be done by any character. For every character type in the game, what specialized actions does the AI for each do if they are selected to be part of your team? In Single Player, active abilities can not be selected for AI teammates, AFAIK. Do AI teammates use any passive or active abilities if they have been unlocked or selected

  • In the 1998 PC version of Centipede there are many stages of 5 levels each. The bosses I was told helped contribute the name. These are: Giant Ant Giant Praying Mantis Huge Wasp (there are two more but I can't remember what they are) What are the five worlds called?

  • Possible Duplicate: What are the special abilities the unique/champion monsters can have? I often see other players complaining about the types of monsters they run into, like Mortar Arcane Wallers. Now, I'm only halfway through Act 2 currently, so I am not sure what two of those affixes do. Is there a list of affixes available to monsters, and their associated effects?

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