How do I fix the left mouse opening the menu instead of breaking blocks?

  • How do I fix the left mouse opening the menu instead of breaking blocks? olivia

    I've already tried clicking and holding the left button of my mouse, and it just won't work! Whenever I press it, it opens the game menu instead.

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  • I've been trying to escape the main menu in Call of Duty: Black Ops, but I can't find out how. All the guides I find out there just say: "Alternately press the right and left trigger". None of them seem to have tried it for the PC version. A few of them suggest: "Left and right mouse buttons will probably work on the PC". Well, I've been trying it like hell, my mouse almost bust open, and I still haven't managed to do it. I've already finished the campaign. Am I missing something?

  • I recently purchased a Razer Mamba mouse. While I have been satisfied with the mouse it can be hyper sensitive. I haven't found the right feel yet for Windows or for StarCraft, but I cannot tell if my OS tweaks are affecting the game. Are my operating systems mouse sensitivity settings overridden by the settings in the StarCraft 2 Controls Menu?

  • I can use the scroll wheel to select menu options, and I can click to fire, but it seems only my xbox 360 gamepad will allow me to aim or move. Which is terrible because I can't aim with my left thumb so I die, and that's not quite so bad but the loading times for this game are murder. Pressing W,A,S,D move my character by about one millimeter, and they react like it does in regular windows, repeating after I hold the key for a second. But it's moving one millimeter per repeat so I'm basically stuck. Also the mouse cursor is invisible in the menu but it moves and sometimes it appears

  • Possible Duplicate: Do weapons and spells in the off-hand suffer from reduced effectiveness? In Skyrim for the PC, I find the fact that my left hand is bound to the right mouse button, and my right hand is bound to the left mouse button (by default) a little strange as a first time Elder Scrolls player. I've remapped the keys, but now I wonder, will swinging my Mace in my left hand all the sudden make me suffer any kind of damage penalty? Is my character ambidextrous such that I do the same damage with weapons and spells regardless of which hand I use?

  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution is not working correctly with my mouse. I have an extra monitor, off to the left. When I play the game, the mouse is not 'grabbed', so if I look to the left, I'll see the mouse pointer come out into my second monitor (the view still changes as the mouse moves around the second screen). If I then click, the game loses focus and minimizes. If I'm hacking, I can't actually click Hack, as there's a weird offset applied to the mouse. If do I click Hack, number 4 is activated. I can't move the cursor right enough to click Hack. I can disconnect the monitor

  • In a comment on Is it possible to use a shield in one hand and magic in the other?, switching the controls for left arm to left mouse button (and right arm to right mouse button) was mentioned. I think this makes the dual-wielding system much more intuitive - however, I desperately don't want to have to left click to block and right click to attack (or right click to shoot my bow, left click to melee with it, etc). I didn't see anything in the settings to alter mappings for dual wielding only - is there any way to do this?

  • I am in the process of building myself a Steam Box - a PC running Steam that is going to be plugged into my TV without a keyboard and mouse plugged into it. I am looking at running Steam instead of Explorer as the shell, on account of Windows 8 forcibly starting up with Metro and me not wanting to install a workaround to prevent Metro from appearing. With this in mind, I was wondering if I... to Desktop Exit Steam Change User... Is this possible? How can I customise the 'Exit' menu in Steam Big Picture mode?

  • In Minecraft 1.5, a new feature was added: when placing a stack of items in the workbench, if you hold both the right and left mouse buttons down and drag, the stack of items will be split evenly across all the squares you drag them over, simplifying the process of crafting a large number of identical items. But I play Minecraft on a Mac using the trackpad...right-click is performed by pressing with two fingers, left click with one. No gesture for simultaneous right and left click exists. Is there a way to assign this new feature to, say, shift + click-and-drag instead of right-and-left

  • I downloaded this game, "Elders Scrolls: Arena Deluxe Edition" and started it on DOSBox to emulate and play it. Although it's working fine, the problem is that I can attack with the mouse but wanted to know if there's a way to attack with the keyboard, as I am finding some difficulties using my mouse. In this situation, I am not able to escape from the dungeon as I am defeated easily. I am running DOSBox in Windows 7 32-bit. Is there any way to play this game with the keyboard only? Or configure DOSBox in such a way that I can specify to use some keys as right click and left click instead

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