How can I play local co-op with only a single keyboard?

  • How can I play local co-op with only a single keyboard? Nomine

    I would like to play Sacred Citadel in local co-op together with my sister. How would I be able to emulate a controller on the PC and have us both use the keyboard instead, as the game "requires" you to use a controller?

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  • I wish to play from my XBox with a friend of mine on some game that allow local (split-screen) + online co-op. I only have one headphone set, though. Is it possibile to have the audio incoming from online partners routed to the TV set while still having a headphone attached to the controller so that we can speak?

  • I have a friend I play co-op/competitive multiplayer with, and another I sometimes do local splitscreen multiplayer with. I would really like to be able to have the two of us locally in splitscreen connect with my friend over the internet - is this possible? From what I've seen the 'splitscreen' and 'online' options are separate so I'm not sure how to go about this. Would creating a local splitscreen game and then inviting my online friend work?

  • Possible Duplicate: Can we play Portal 2 co-op on one iMac? According to this article and this steam forum thread, it's possible to set up a split-screen co-op in Portal 2 on the PC. To clarify: This is having 2 people on one PC with the same steam instance of Portal 2 both controlling their own character in the co-op campaign mode of the game. It's not supported out of the box... seems to work for most people, but not in all circumstances. There seem to be a lot of other threads in the wild with many different solutions. I figured G.SE would be a good place to post all

  • I want to play Resident Evil 5 on my two pcs connected directly to the network through a strait through cable as co-op mode. Do I still need a third party software like tunngle/Hamachi or even without using the these applications I can play on my local network. If so How??

  • My daughter got a second character for Disney Infinity (Venelope and she already has Wreck-it Ralph). Allegedly you can play co-op like this in Disney Infinity. But we have a second controller and hit + and we cannot get it to switch to co-op mode. Any ideas what we might be doing wrong? Does anyone have an exact step-by-step of how you do it? (This doesn't exist online after searching for hours.)

  • I'm trying to play Far Cry 3 co-op with 2 local players. I don't want to start the offline mode from the very beginning. In the online co-op mode, there is a press start to enter button to get the 2nd player into my game, but it takes another "account" on my PS3, and complains that the other account needs to be logged in. Has anyone had any success finding a way to play co-op with 2 local players that doesn't involve starting offline mode all the way at the beginning?

  • I will buy a XBOX 360 FPS game for my brother for Christmas. Because we play oft together, I would like to buy a FPS which supports co-op offline playing. We have had a lot of fun with COD MW2, COD World At War (a little bit frustrating that it didn't save our progress in co-op mode though). I am looking into a series of lists, but the problem is that they always consider online co-op, which is not what we want. Do you know any lists of Xbox 360 FPS games with offline co-op mode?

  • So, I've got two guys hanging out in New Tristram -- the Templar and the Scoundrel. Based on what I've read, these are "followers" who can join my party. Thing is, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the to actually join the party. Dialogue options just make them talk. So, how do I get them to join my party? If it matters, I am playing two-player local co-op (which is an absolute blast!).

  • to answer. I'm pretty sure online co-op exists, but is there couch co-op where multiple people play on the same system? Is there system link co-op where you can connect with other people on the same network outside of Xbox Live? Additionally, if there are multiple ways to engage in co-op play, do the types of co-op play available vary depend on which method is utilized? ie. Campaign co-op is only available through xbox live, but you can run around with a friend blowing stuff up in couch co-op.

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