How do I help the farmer?

John the Green
  • How do I help the farmer? John the Green

    I'm playing Terminus.

    I just rm-ed the huge boulder out of my path, so now I have access to the farm:

    >cd Farm
    You have moved to Farm. There was once a farm of some sort here, but now the 
    fields are scorched and brown. 

    Okay...what do I do here?

    >less EarOfCorn
    The corn is sad and withered-looking.

    Not helpful.

    >less Farmer
    "Ruined! I'm ruined! Look at these crops... almost nothing left! The wizard's 
    minions were here last week... they destroyed everything. How will I feed my 
    3 children with just one ear of corn? I could really use AnotherEarOfCorn! "

    I know! I'll use the mkdir spell I learned back in the library:

    >mkdir AnotherEarOfCorn
    Command 'mkdir' not found in room 'Farm'

    Uh oh...

    Type 'man' to ask the man for help
    >man mkdir 
    there is no man page for that command

    How can I help the poor farmer?

  • I haven't actually played the game but this sounds like a situation where I would try to make a COPY of the corn, rather than a new object that happens to be named corn. Turns out this was in fact the right answer.

    >cp EarOfCorn AnotherEarOfCorn
    Just copied EarOfCorn into AnotherEarOfCorn.
    >less Farmer
    It’s a miracle! Thank you, friend. May the Admin bless you.

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