New hard drive for Xbox 360

Zach Golden
  • New hard drive for Xbox 360 Zach Golden

    I just bought a new hard drive to replace the 20GB hard drive in the Halo 3 Edition system. I want to use it in the detachable shell on the top of the system, but Im having problems getting the old partition info from the old drive to the new one.

    Can anyone give me some instructions on how this is done?

  • I think you have to format the hdd on the xbox in the settings -> storage tab. If you want to transfer data I think you have to use a transfer cable.

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  • My old Xbox RRoD'd on me so I've gone out Xbox hunting. I've got a new Slimline 250gb Xbox, I'm trying to get the data off my old drive on to it. I've got the old drive hooked up in a SATA Caddy so I can access it through Explorer on my PC. I've made an image of the drive, but I'm not sure what to do next. Anyone got any ideas? It's mainly the saved games I want over, I've formatted a USB Flash drive on the Xbox already, but it's full of Data00001 type files so I'm not sure what/if anything can be done from there. Help much appreciated.

  • Possible Duplicate: What data does the PS3’s backup utility preserve? I have a 2.5" HDD I'm going to replace in my PSE, but I do not have a spare hard drive I can use as to backup the PS3 to and restore to the new drive. I was thinking I could use the hard drive I'm going to put in the PS3 as a temporary backup drive, transfer the files onto my computer and then put that drive into the PS3. After that I can mount the old ps3 hard drive into the external enclosure, format it and then transfer the backup data onto the now external old-PS3 hard drive and restore backup data like

  • My HDD is starting to make noise and I think it's time for me to change it. I have the old 60Gb PS3. I was wondering the PS3 installs it's OS. Do I just have to switch the HDD and let the PS3 install it by itself? I don't think so. Does the option "Restore PS3 System" reinstall the OS on the hard drive? What do I have to do to install the OS on the new HDD?

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