Are you supposed to get mission rewards immediately?

  • Are you supposed to get mission rewards immediately? victoriah

    I just started playing Uplink and I'm trying to do some missions.

    I did a level 2 mission where I have to copy a file and send it to the mission giver. I retrieved the file without getting caught. I've opened the mission description, hit "reply", and attached my file to the email and then sent. I'm definitely sending the right file (double-checked five times). However, when I send the email, nothing happens. I'm waiting and waiting and waiting. I put the speed on max and it's been hours and still no reply. I've retried sending the email several times.

    I'm having this same problem on other missions I've tried, regardless of type of missions. Like on missions where I have to delete files and don't need to send anything back, I still don't get any response to my "mission completed" email. Is this expected behaviour? Does it take days to get a response?

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