Can I install Steam Workshop mods on a game purchased outside of Steam?

  • Can I install Steam Workshop mods on a game purchased outside of Steam? k55668856

    I have bought games outside of Steam, for example Fable 3, but I want to install some mods for it from the Steam Workshop. I would prefer to use Steam Workshop to install mods, as I don't trust my abilities to install them manually. Plus it's a lot easier to manage from the Steam Workshop.

    What I tried so far:

    • I have installed and logged into Steam,
    • Added Fable as a 'Non-Steam-game'
    • Opened up workshop and subscribed to a mod,
    • then opened the game.

    But nothing happened, i.e, No mod was installed when I ran the game.

    Obviously Steam isn't picking up the copy of Fable 3 from the 'Non-steam-game' shortcut. How do I tell Steam that I own a copy of Fable 3? Do I need to enter the game's product key into Steam to enable it installing the mods for me?

  • No. Steam doesn't know anything about the folder structure of non-Steam games, so Steam doesn't know how to install mods for them. Even though Steam sells the same game, it will never recognise that a non-Steam game you add is the same game.

    If you want to have Workshop install Skyrim *cough* "Fable 3" mods for you, you'll have to actually get the Steam version of the game, either by buying it, receiving it as a gift, or redeeming a Steam Key.

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