What happens when Ryo spends all his money before trying to buy the ticket?

  • What happens when Ryo spends all his money before trying to buy the ticket? unor

    On Disc 2 of Shenmue, Ryo tries to get a ticket to Hong Kong.

    Because Ryo has not enough money, Fuku-san gives his piggy bank savings to Ryo. Ryo is now able to buy a boat ticket (¥69000) at the Asia Travel Company.

    What happens if Ryo spends all his money (including Fuku-san’s savings) for toy capsules before buying this ticket?

    Would you have to earn it back the hard way before the story can progress?

    • I guess working at the harbor isn’t possible yet (or is it?).
    • Ine-san gives you ¥500 each day. It would take 138 days. Not possible, because you’d be game over beforehand.
    • Slot machines. As far as I read, you can’t make money here (you can only get tokens and items).

    Any other ways to earn money at this point?

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