Can I still link a Dragonvale park to Facebook after I get the park ID?

  • Can I still link a Dragonvale park to Facebook after I get the park ID? Norma

    My son's park is level 32, on a Kindle. He's put a lot of time and effort into his dragons and he loves the game. Long story short, his Kindle is dying. He did not have a FB when we started the park, but I thought it was possible to back up the park with help from Backflip if I found the park "id". So, I clicked the button for Park ID on the settings screen.

    Now my son is old enough for a Facebook, and we set him up with one and I thought we could use it to save his dragons. Unfortunately, the "connect with Facebook" is no longer an option, or at least the "connect with Facebook" button is now gone, I think because I clicked to get the Park ID.

    Is there any way I can associate this park with a Facebook? In a day or two his kindle will die completely, and he will lose more than six months' continual effort and a bunch of rare dragons. (And, if you can't ever again associate the park with FB once you get the ID, and you can't use the ID to back anything up or retrieve progress, why do they even have an option to let the user get the ID at all???)

    Thanks, we're desperate and he's very very sad and worried for the dragons.

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