What items should I not sell?

  • What items should I not sell? Yamikuronue

    Are there clothing or furniture items which, once sold, you cannot get back via the catalog? I kind of assume the fortune cookie items are like that, but are there any others?

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  • I've upgraded to T&T Mart, so the Nooklings' store now has a catalog where I can order many of the items I've previously found or purchased. If my friends visit my town and use my catalog, will they see their items or my items? Can my friends visit to order items I have (but they don't) then have them delivered to their town?

  • My friend is about level 9 and I am 18. We are both playing on the same region and can join each others games fine. However, I cannot give him items and he cannot give items to me - we don't see anything when anyone throws items to the ground and the trade button is greyed-out. What's wrong?

  • Possible Duplicate: Is it possible to transfer items between my characters in Diablo III? Is there a way to carry over weapons, armor, etc... to another hero's game when creating it? I have collected hundreds of items that aren't for my class, and if I were to start a new game with a different hero, is there a way I can get those items over to him/her?

  • I often need to pick up items while I still have a tool out for some reason, particularly when chopping down trees or tending to crops. So far the only way I've found to pick up items is to press Y to put away my tool, then press A to pick items up. Can I pick items up without unequipping my tools?

  • I know there are many libraries for League of Legends Items but I still haven't found one that allows you to sort Items for a particular stat category (ascending or descending). Lets say for example that I want all items giving Ability Power Descending (starting from the one giving the most and ending with the one giving the least). Or do the same with Health or Attack Damage. I think you get the point. It would be a really useful tool. And none of the known wikis-libraries offers this feature. I have tried those: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/items leaguecraft.com/items

  • The first time I was able to sell collected items in Rage, I unloaded what I thought was junk to the vendor. As it turns out, one of the items is considered an ingredient to be used to craft something. Is there a comprehensive list of items that are safe to sell, or vice-versa, things that I should hold onto? I'm not sure at this point which of these lists would be shorter. Some of the descriptions on items do make it obvious to sell, while others aren't exact. Items I've found safe to sell so far: Books Cans of Food Rusty Toolbox Items I had sold, but turns out are Ingredients: Cloth

  • You can mark items as 'locked' in your inventory, which means they cannot be given to your hero, dropped, or sold to the bank as a singular item, through disabling those respective buttons. The 'Sell All' button, however, remains enabled. If I press this button, will it just sell the unlocked items, or will the locked items be sold as well?

  • I know the green dots are "useful" items or "upgrades" to your equipment, and that gray is "not useful". What are the blue ones there for though?

  • I just got an alert that I'm nearing my item limit. However, I'm fairly certain my character is not carrying anywhere near 150 items by themselves. So, what all gets counted in this limit? Here's the item locations I can think of which may be counted. I'd like to know which of these are included, and if there are any others: PC's backpack (carried, but not equipped) PC's equipped items Mods installed on PC's equipped items Shore party NPCs' equipped items Mods installed on shore party NPCs' equipped items Reserve NPCs' equipped items Mods installed on reserve NPCs' equipped items.

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