Customized item sets doesn't appear in game

  • Customized item sets doesn't appear in game user56389

    I have a bunch of item sets I created . They are all champion specific but are configured to work on all maps . Problem is I don't have this sub menu ingame which lets me alternate between default recommended and my item list .
    even after I made the list available for all champs ... it doesn't show up .

  • Some of you, like me, may have recently logged in to find that your saved item sets were gone or, even worse, noticed they were gone once you were in game. I thought I had lost my item sets because my son had logged into his account on my pc and set up his own item sets however this may have happened because of a small update that Riot did just recently. Regardless, I did some toying around and got my sets back.

    Here is how:

    First, exit your LoL client.

    Then go to the path

    Riot Games/League of Legends/RADS/projects/lol_air_client/releases

    Here you should see several folders beginning with 0.0.0 open the one named or 16. You may not see 18 or 16 just use the second to last one you have.

    Then deploy/preferences

    Here you will find a properties file with your account name on it. Ignore all the other files (including the shared_ files) and copy the file.

    Now, go back three folders (Riot Games/League of Legends/RADS/projects/lol_air_client/releases) and this time, open the latest one which should be named

    Now click on the deploy folder and then preferences. You will see similar files as before. Paste your properties file here. Your PC will tell you that there is another file with the same name and ask you what you want to do. Select Copy and Replace.

    Now start your client back up, enter your account info, and you should see your Item sets back in place.

    This is what I found, hope it helps.

    Link here.

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