Heist preparation always fail

  • Heist preparation always fail Novarg

    I'm now preparing for one of the heists. Right now I gotta get 4 Gauntlets and mod them. The problem is:

    • I'm playing as Trevor and I only have $11127.
    • I got into a Gauntlet and the mission started.
    • I should drive it into the Los Santos Customs:
      • If I hit anything the mission fails with words: "The required mods cannot purchased due to insufficient funds".
      • I did my best to get to Los Santos Customs without a scratch and I made it.
    • However, after preparing the vehicle for a heist($11000) the mission failed again! And again with the same description

    What should I do? I failed this mission on purpose more than 10 times in a row to skip it, but this option doesn't appear.

    And I can't switch characters because only Trevor is used in this "mission"

  • I was also experiencing this problem. What I found is that you have to have enough money in hand to pay for all three cars, so $33000 plus damage repair.

  • I've just had this. I had $15k with Michael and did one car. I then had the money come in from my properties which gave me about $13k but then it failed when I paid $11k to fix the next car. I switched to Franklyn who had $16k and that failed as well.

    Having done a bit of research, it seems that it's a bug in the game. I re-started my Xbox and that fixed the problem.

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