I can't run this XNA-based game

That Brazilian Guy
  • I can't run this XNA-based game That Brazilian Guy

    I'm trying to run this XNA-based game on my Windows 7 32-bit laptop and it just won't run. No error messages, nothing.

    If I have the Task Manager open I see the process being executed for a few seconds and disappear.

    • Clicking on the game file gives no result.
    • I have installed the XNA Frawemork latest version.
    • I have tried using the game installer, it installs but the game still won't run, whilst on another computer (Windows 7 32-bit laptop as well), the game runs fine without even needing to install.

  • Xna is built on .Net so there's probably some clue as to what issue is in the event log.

    You'll find the event log under administrative tools in the control panel (viewable when control panel is set to "small icons").

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