Does Grand Theft Auto 5 Hitch Lift 1 (Tinkle) random event repeat?

  • Does Grand Theft Auto 5 Hitch Lift 1 (Tinkle) random event repeat? Josh

    Has anyone seen this random event repeat? I've already played it once, and only realized after the amount of money I could have made off of it if it had happened to me later in the game. Some random events do repeat obviously like bike thefts and armored truck robberies, but I'm curious if anyone has seen or read this specific random event repeating? I want this to be available for later in the game too!

  • some times the game dont register them and you can repeat it. I did the tinkle one twice, the second time with over $3.5b invested with each character ;) You can verify on Social club if it is registered

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