How do I move redstone signals vertically (for a vertical sticky-piston door)?

  • How do I move redstone signals vertically (for a vertical sticky-piston door)? Seann

    I'm trying to make a variation on the sticky-piston hidden door, in which two sticky pistons are activated by a pressure plate in a corridor to reveal either a hidden room, or a treasure chest, or trap, or anything else.

    Stepping on the pressure plate would turn off the circuit so that one sticky piston pulls a block up into the ceiling, and the other pulls a block down into the floor. The resultant opening is one block wide by two blocks high.

    The problem is I don't know how to wire the redstone vertically. A basic sticky-piston door is easy, as long as the blocks slide left or right but are harder to hide, which is why I want up-down activation. I just can't figure out the signal transmission.

    I got half of it working - the down part - after I first posted this. It's getting the current to run up that is giving me trouble. I tried mirror-inverting my system for down to up and it didn't working

    I have shredded Google trying to find a tutorial for vertical piston doors, but have failed to find anything. Can somebody give me a step-by-step or the link to a video tutorial in which this has already been done?


  • It's actually pretty simple. Have some screenshots.
    This is the Redstone overview: (those are upside-down half slabs)

    vertical sticky piston door screenshot 1

    (also, the Redstone at the back leads to another pressure plate, but that's not important)
    This is the door open:

    vertical sticky piston door screenshot 2 And some more Redstone:

    vertical sticky piston door screenshot 3 vertical sticky piston door screenshot 4

    The two pressure plates and their respective Redstone:

    vertical sticky piston door screenshot 5

    If you need some more help contact me by replying!

  • OK...

    Here's what I've got (slightly more compact variation on the way hedgehog1029 has shown, above):


    The block beside the arrow has a redstone torch on the side of the next block under it that can't be seen from that angle, exactly as shown in hedgehog1029's third screenshot, above.

    I have since moved the redstone torches and wiring around a bit so the door is flush with the wall.

    I started with hedgehog1029's design so I had a functional model from which to base my revisions, then tweaked it as I went, and the above is my finished version, and without that help, I think it would have taken me a long time to figure it out, so thanks a ton!


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