Fixing an old PS3 vs buying a new one

  • Fixing an old PS3 vs buying a new one jjepsuomi

    It seems my old PS3 fat GPU is dying. I'm getting this stretching glitch problem in some of my games e.g. Killzone 3, Batman Arkham City and GTA 5. Here is my original post where I asked about the problem before: (you don't necessarily need to read it)

    GTA V graphics bugs on PS3

    I'm pretty convinced now that the problem indeed occurs because of my GPU is overheating. I tried putting my PS3 into the fridge for 30 mins and after trying it it worked no problem until it heated again.

    From sony techical support they said that fixing it would cost me around $175, but buying a new slim or super slim will cost me around $250.

    Now I've considered three different options so far:

    1. Fixing the old PS3 by changing the thermal paste for the GPU and doing a thorough clean up for the device and perhaps buying an external cooling unit for the PS3. Cost around $15-30

    2. Buying a new PS3 slim or Super slim. Cost around $250

    3. Waiting for the PS4 to come out and then buy it and use it for PS3 games. Cost around $600. (According to this link it's possible: but not sure :P)

    Now considering the options. Which one of the options would you pick? I'm not too short on money, so I don't have to work with minimal budget. Fixing the machine would be the cheapest, but of course there is the time I would have to use disassembling it + it wouldn't be 100 % sure it would even work + how long would it last? The third option would also be nice, but I don't want to wait that long and I think I won't buy PS4 as soon as it is released, because of the high price. Maybe the 2nd option is the best? What do you guys think?

    I know this question is opinion based, but perhaps I'm just looking for opinions and experiences :)

  • you can create a backup of your data (through a usb HDD or PSN+) and then try to fix it

    if it fails you can restore the data on a new Slim, note that copy protected data won't be transferred if you used the HDD method

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